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    DH Eye Beam and DC in Arena's what's the cause and what to avoid?


    I've been effected by this bug a hell of alot of times in 3's causing DC's. Are there any steps to avoid from happening?


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    Dh and hunter, and other classes with forced movement abilities like felrush or disengage etc, have this problem too, you DC (I THINK) Because you fall under the ground, and it insta disconnects you. i don't think there's any real steps to take to avoid Dcing like this, EVERYONE in the game has this sometimes too.
    The only piece of advice i can give you is try to avoid jumping while using these abilities or using the abilities with a weird ground, ~ Eg non flat ground etc.

    However i would'nt put much thought into it, it doesnt happen THAT often, maybe like once every 15 games or something? Maybe even more than that.

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    It happens enough that it's a problem and costs us games.

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