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    Rogue + Disc vs Survival + Healer

    Hi guys, I'm losing all the matches against survival + healer. I need some hints or tips please.

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    Heya, In this match there's multiple things that you can do, for example when its the druid/sv version you can try to run down the druid all game and every kidney shot your priest fears the hunter so he cannot peel etc, or you can try to do the opposite, and kidney shot hunter, and both of you pump damage into him, making the druid oom eventually.

    The aim as the priest into this is to try and pump as much damage as he possibly can, while avoiding CC, doing around 60-70% of your rogues damage is ideal, however a bit less is fine since its a high CC based comp.

    Try to track Mending Bandage on your omni bar. because then you know when the hunter is about to remove your bleeds (Give or take a few seconds) And you can stack some combo points up before hand and instantly re-apply your bleeds without much downtime on them

    Trying to force healers trinkets with raw damage, going on healers with your CD's and forcing their trinket will create another win opportunity via blind / sap / fear while going the dps.

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