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    struggling keeping lock alive

    we are playing arms/destro/hpal and I can't find a way to keep my lock up. almost all games go the same way the other team just tunnels the lock and eventually he dies due to constant pressure or me being chain cc'd. we seem to have a very hard time getting any pressure because everything is going to keeping the lock alive. the warrior is in constant babysit mode just to stop goes on the lock.

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    There’s a helpful video on the homepage about being trained as a lock. Essentially he needs to find space to burst, which can be hard. He shouldln’t be starved for soul shards so when he gets space drop infernal, throw CBs, use fear and shadow fury to control. Use havoc and death coil to horrify two targets. If its double melee, CBs will be hard to get out, but he can change a talent to roaring blaze and use the PVP talent cremation to help get more consistent damage out. Also, the higher his mastery is the less damage he’ll take.
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    Here's the guide: http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/12...ction-warlock/

    When playing this comp, your warrior shouldn't be babysitting the lock and should instead be making every effort to sit in battle stance and get crazy pressure while your lock is being focused. It's then up to the warlock to deal with being targeted properly by making good use of both schools, their abundance of peels and crazy damage with offensive cooldowns.

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