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    Is Burning Soul Still the Standard?

    This needs to be addressed. Our whole build is predicated on this. Do we move on from this now? Or do you still recommend we stack. What is the alternative if this is no longer viable?

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    Hey i talked to some DH mains and they said impassive visage nets more HPS than burning soul ~
    3x Burning Soul gives ~ 15k healing every 10 seconds
    3x Impassive Visage ~ 21k healing every 6 sec

    i think its still good if you can pickup good dps traits but i'd say superior dps traits should be picked over bad dps traits and burning soul especially with dmg being much more important.

    Maybe its also better with rdruids and worse with other healers since for rdruids the hots might do gods work during the absorb also with impassive you can hold purges more when getting trained to get the good stuff while before you kinda had to spam purge on cd when you where being tunnelled i'd still say 1 Burning Soul is good tho for the soul fragment especially if you play Demonic Appetite adds another 30 fury gain on every purge.

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