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    Rdruid nerfs

    **Healing reduced by 10% in PvP situations.
    Developersí notes: Throughout Season 2, Restoration Druidís raw healing throughput paired very well with their crowd control, defensive abilities, and ability to sneak away and regain mana through drinking. This is intended to bring their healing throughput more in line with other healer specializations in PvP.

    What are peoples thoughts on this nerf? could it be damaging to Rdruids?

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    Still probably #1 for arenas imo.

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    I asked one of the highest rdruids in 2's about this and he told me that this nerf makes it so you cant just ignore high damage, and you have to play more aggressive to make the enemy defensive, since you cant outright heal absurd damage anymore,

    Overall i think it's a very good change for the game, I've noticed with this nerf disc priests and hpalas have become more relevant in 2s and 3s just because of how fast paced these healers play and since rdruid cannot outright heal these things anymore, it makes the pace of the game faster, less dampening games, making the game a bit more fun for everyone!

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