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    Warrior/WW/Druid playstyle and items


    I play Warrior/WW/Druid and wonder what items and playstyle to focus on. We are at 1700 MMR and our goal is to hit 2.1k+ rating within two weeks.

    I appreciate all inputs on how we can play and gear up.


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    The absolute best way to gear up right now, is get your weeklies done and then spam mythic plus (after you've done your raids etc)
    Right now spamming +10's gives consistent 430+ gear, which is the same as heroic raid gear, but with a lot less effort, and easier in some aspects.

    Other than that, just try to get all your AP activities done, islands / emissaries etc etc. just so you arent lacking neck levels when it comes down to it.

    Your play style should be based around playing to live, because playing to WIN will create too many lose opportunities for you, and making it harder overall to gain rating.
    What i mean by 'playing to live' is do everything possible during the game so you dont lose, you dont necessarily have to win, you just have to live and eventually you'll win because you have a mortal strike effect
    Trying to WIN before then will just make it extremely hard for your druid to heal. I dont mean dont use your cds and just run all game;
    What i mean by this EXACTLY is dont over extend, dont over commit, have the thought in the back of your mind that eventually you WILL win and you should be fine

    *Edit* I'm blind and i miss-read your post and read it to be a 2v2 question, however the advice i gave you on this was very broad and therefore its still valid.
    However for 3's you want to do constant goes with your multitude of stuns, legsweep / stormbolt / bash / Use your druids CC to create win opportunities, Eg: double leg sweep in the dps, bash > cyclone on the healer (FOR EXAMPLE)
    Take advantage of your limited mobility, this might sound like a backwards comment, however if you're facing double caster you should try to stay at a pillar and avoid damage as much as possible and just hit whoever comes to YOU, this will give you the best chance at winning these sort of comps i believe.
    And of course if you're facing double melees or melee/x/x you should try to cleave everything you can, hitting the healer as this comp too can be good to create overall pressure.
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