**《Deadly Perfection》**
Is looking for new recrutes to bolster its ranks.

Mainly looking for plays ready and wanting to do Rbgs, but also pvpers in general. So if your into arena, wpvp or just general like going in battlegrounds and killing alliance, you would fit right in.
And a few socials are always welcome.

There are also players that runs mythics, and activly raids. These are not guild events as of now, but can easily be arranged with the other members.

Rbg info:
Days - Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Time - 20.00 - until its called, for whatever reason.

Open spots for Rbg team:

2 Healers (monk/priest Holy or disc)

1/2 Melee (Dh/Ret/Arms war).

1/2 Ranged (Lock/Sp)

*the listed classes are our preference, but donít be shy to apply / reach out if your playing something different, or on another realm (for that mater). Backups and the ability to play different setups is not something we frown upon.

As a guild we are very friendly and somewhat social, so a good attitude and behavior is a requirement. And anything less can easily get you kicked. Ofc one is allowed to joke and mess around.
But our rbg team is held to a certain standard, and failure to comply with the team leader / poor game play / rude behavior can result in you being taken off the team until you improve and can show it.

/w me / Gm / Rbg leader for a in-game chat or add one of our battle tags, and send us a pm

Creni#2992 - The Recruter.

Spicy#21461 - Rbg Leader.

Zandari#21248 - Guild Master.