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    Most agressive healer

    I try to play "seriusly" my Rdrood with feral affinity and try to push, but I would play an another healer, for more fun, and I'm asking between Hpal and Disci who is the best for a permanent agressive playstyle.
    I play Disci a little (around 1k7-1k8 cr) but I was surprised to see really big damage with Hpal (I suppose 3 Judgement trait...).
    Disci had hard time in S2 (especially with the UH meta...) and Hpal was in good mood, it will be the same in S3 ??

    Thank you !

    PS: most of the time I play healer with random pick up, so I need a "versatile" healer, able to survive without too much mate's peel
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