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    Minimum ilvl/Neck lvl required to be competitive atm?

    Hey guys, so with the new raid and Mythic+ 10 rewarding very high ilvl gear I am a bit surprised to find people at low MMR with insane gear (430+ ilvl) doing ridiculously absurd amounts of damage and packing HUGE health pools all armed with laserbeams and other disgusting broken crap.

    Is the requirement to be competitive in 3s now around 425+ ilvl and neck level 57 minimum with all level 2/3 essences?

    My ilvl 416/ neck level 55 char suddenly feels undergeared.
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    This BFA is ugly, disgusting. How many games we lost against awfull players with fuckin abused pve trinket and gear. And now, to be easier, there is pve essences too...
    Off course I don't pretend I could play @ 3k mmr with better stuff, but I could easily have 200-300 mmr more, but I m old and casual and I refuse to lost fuckin time in raid...
    Friend of mine say it's easy and fast to do 1 MM+ / week, just to have one item and the chest, but every time I try to pve, I pick up with an ridiculous team, wiping in every m+2 boss....

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    Gear is definitely a necessity in the game at the moment. Ideally you should have at least neck level 55 with rank 2+ of the essences you want and 420+ item level.

    You'll then need to just keep up with your weekly tasks of mythic+ and capping your conquest while also doing a heroic raid run if you have time.

    Also if you want to gear up super quickly then you should just spam high mythic+ keys.

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