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    2v2 Windwalker / Holy Paladin

    Hello people of skillcapped.

    Me and a friend have just started dipping into 2v2 arenas after being away from this mess that is pvp since legion.

    Me (windwalker) and my mate (holy paladin) just started playing some games for fun and we would appreciate all the tips and tricks we could get for this particular setup.

    What to do against healer/dps and what do do against double dps etc.

    We are particularly owned by firemage/destructionwarlock in 2s. They just obliterate us.

    All tips appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    As a comp like Hpal/WW you have a lot of Cd's such as karma / Blessing of sac / Blessing of Freedom / Blessing of Protection / Diffuse Magic / Fortifying Brew etc

    To beat any double dps team you just have to use these Cd's one after another and do your damage rotation.

    Aslong as you're going on the most high value target without overlapping your cd's your going to win.
    Mage is casting greater pyroblasts? ~ Warlock has 70% HP. You karma it. and try to be offensive! ~ He goes through your karma?. The warlock takes a lot of damage AND you still have 2 cd's left to avoid all of their damage; Via Diffuse magic and Blessing of Sacrifice. Giving you a lot of time to freely kill whatever you want!

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