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    Shorten modifier macro help needed.

    Hey guys, this is the template for all my modifier macros and this one in question in my Pummel macro which also Charges if the target is away. I have been looking for a way to shorten my macros.

    /cast [mod:shift, @arena1][mod:ctrl, @arena2][mod:alt, @arena3][] Pummel
    /cast [mod:shift, @arena1][mod:ctrl, @arena2][mod:alt, @arena3][] Charge

    Is there a way to shorten it to one line and retain the same Pummel Charge functionality with all the modifiers?

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    I don't know if there is a way to shorten it to one line, but why would you need to anyway? If it works as is, why mess with it? :P

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    You can't shorten it further than how it is right now.

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