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    how can i carry my team as Rdruid

    last season i finished at 2500 rating playing tsg, this season am also playing tsg though because my team isnt that active atm i find people through lfg. my problem most of the times is that even though i will get some bashes at good times we still fail to score kills most of the time unless it gets 5+ minutes into the game against ANY comp (rarely we do kill earlier). my question is if there is something more i could be doing in a meleecleave as a Rdruid except from playing really well defensively and getting a bash on go's since am not using voice and i cant coordiante as well as i could if we had voice. should i spec into cyclone against certain matchups? i've tried arms destro and it felt way better than tsg, i could cyclone and do stuff but as tsg i feel like all i can do is play defensively well and hope that my team can score a kill.

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    Hi, you have to use cyclone. As a rdruid you can easy stealth to the enemy healer and bash + cyclone with cross cc/slow on the enemy dps from your mates.
    You can also support with the feral affinity. Good dps + another stun from stealth to cross cc.
    Feral stun dps, bash + cyclone on heal.

    I play tsg as rshaman and it feels like, if my mates arent focussed to the enemy druids bash/cyclone we will lose every game.

    Btw, TSG is actually so depressing against all the caster cleaves.. Not ez to push.

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    As melee cleaves as a resto druid that's your one and only job, play defensively and hope your team can kill. That alone is you carrying as rdruid. You dont have to make flashy plays or try to make a movie. Just keeping them alive for as long as humanly possible is more than enough from you.

    Once you've came to the conclusion that you cannot play better; defensively that is, at that point (With that current team) You can try to make plays. by trying to cyclone people's CD's. Push in for offensive bashes. Starting the CC chains on your own, and of course much more.

    There's not much more to be said about this other than you can sometimes pick your battles with who you want to play offensive against. Certain classes certain comps things will change you dont always have to play defensive all the time.

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