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    R Druid/HPal LF 2's and 3's

    Currently Alliance.

    Managed to cross over 1800 in 2’s and sitting at 1500 in 3’s, long ways to go but still looking for people outside of LFG to play with.

    ***Original post***
    Getting back into arenas and struggling to find decent people in LFG. Looking for a consistent arena team to push some rating on later in the season.

    Feel free to hit me up here or on Bnet: Nugazi#1669

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    I'm not alliance but we have a community of people that are in near the same boat. Many of us are returning players. We don't have a LOT but right now we have 4 players that pve for gear and PVP as much as we can!

    Neverganked# 1804 request sent.
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