I recently started playing ww arcane 3s with a friend. I think we do okay but in a lot of matchups we are somewhat clueless what to do. We have decent consistent pressure and I as the mage try to get a sheep on the healer whenever we can do dmg and poly the offtarget in between.
Since we usually play rogue mage together we try to do clean setups but often we just don't get enough dmg out during the cc chain on the healer. This might be because arcane needs a few globals before being able to burst (AP, Charged Up, PoM). On the other side vs comps that just deal a ton of dmg like dk/destro we barely get any setups at all because we have to run a lot to avoid their high dps.
Vs rdruids it is particularly hard to get setups unless I get random sheeps, is it better there to just go for an incap into dr sheep or ring?

Some tips on the general playstyle would really help.