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    8.2 Holy Paly and 2v2.

    Heya all!

    I just came back to wow 3 days ago, from a 2 months break. I'm @429 ilvl and I'm not raiding, just doing M+ and planning on playing 2s only.

    I'm a Holy Pally as a main, and i wanted to know which COMPS, ESSENCES and PVP TALENTS are good this season. Any kind of advice would be really appreciated.

    Are there any guides posted here yet?

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    Ill get straight too it!
    Hpal / DK
    Hpal / Feral
    Hpal / DH
    Hpal / Destro lock
    Hpal / Rogue

    These are the most seen comps with a holy paladin i feel, I tried to put it in order of OP'ness, but dont take my word for it, just try to play different comps and see what you like the best!
    Talents & Pvp talents
    They will look something like this:

    Note* Sometimes you'll want to play avenging light, this can help your DPS with some damage, it may not seem like a lot but during a long game it really adds up to be quite a decent amount, try it and see it you like it / hate it!

    With the new Essences, you get Divine favour for free, which really helps to free up a slot
    I talked with Abx and he said "you can pick conflict and strife if you need the pvp talent slot, Example: if you don't need blessed hands or you dont need ultimate sac you can run another major like vision of perfection, and have something like rank 3 vitality conduit as a minor"

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    Thanks a lot Zenzy!

    You were really helpful.

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