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    How to beat Unholy DK as Arms/Holy?

    Hey guys... really want some advise here. We run Arms/holy in 2's.

    My buddy and I are hovering around 2k rating in 2's. We are constantly running to Unholy/Druid (or any healer for that matter). We are struggling against this comp. Want to see what's are some strats we can use again unholy DK's... Should I run during his Abomb? DK's just straight up does more dmg than me atm...

    Also if there's any suggestion for fighting against DH/Druid, that would be great too!

    Really appreciate it!

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    you're gonna get a kill on the healer most likely. def play with C&S main w/ lucid minor. if you don't have a Cut of Death I would try and farm a 10+ KR for that. You can play reflect against druids to reflect thorns initial dmg to put more pressure into the target, but Ive beaten both teams while killing the healer.

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    thanks man! Reflecting throns is a great pointer! I'll try to chasing the healer more. Now with their PVP nerfs... suddenly I see way less of them in 2s... at least this week.

    Though after the defensive traits nerfs... my pally dies to rouge/mage quite a bit now...

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