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    Rogue or DH ?

    Playing Rogue since Vanilla but I was seduced recently by DH (and I have the feeling that DH is not so "brain dead" and can be a little tricky and be honest, after years of pruning, Sin Rogue is not the top skilled melee ...).
    Wich one is the easiest to push ? Rogue's MS VS cleave and selfhealing of DH ???
    Don't have the time to push both...

    Thank you

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    If you're able to play rogue mage x, you'll have a much easier time climbing than with a demon hunter. Just take a look at the ladder and you'll see there are more rogues than demon hunters at the top. I'd also say that demon hunters are not necessarily harder to play than assa rogues - they're just different. Instead of locking down one target and consistently setting up kill attempts you need to either do insane damage or consistently mana burn healers until you win on mana.

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