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    RMD VS caster cleaves

    Hi guys

    Firstly thank you for all the class specific videos. I feel like theyre improving my game play. My team has been playing RMD this expansion. We are all casual players and play when we have a chance. Ive picked up rogue this expansion so still lots Im working on and learning. We seem to be doing well against melee cleaves and mirrors but just feel hopelessly lost against caster cleaves. We are also so far behind on gear given our ability to play for limited amounts of time.

    Weve generally been struggling against shadow/destro lock/ healer, shadow/fire mage/ healer and Ele/shadow/healer.

    We just seem to lack a proper strategy when playing against these comps. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.

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    It seems you are struggling against shadow in specific as all of the compositions you've listed include one.

    When facing RMD playing shadowplay personally, the easiest teams to beat are those who actively try to play the game to win, what i mean by this is with the enemy druid pushing in for cyclones, mage blinking offensively to secure cc on the opposite side of the map and just all 3 members of the RMD sacrificing positioning to achieve crowd control, doing so they open themselves up to dots and in turn pressure.

    The best tactics you guys can apply is honestly doing nothing and attempting to win that way, shadows are very immobile and require getting out vampiric touches to do decent damage, all 3 of your team should aim play around the pillar and then you as the rogue push out onto the enemy shadow priest, using kidney shot, and aftwards waiting until you've either used your kick or been faked, at this point step back to your team at the pillar and go for a re-stealth and repeat the process, so Garrote > Kidney shot > Kick.

    Have your mage and druid just afk at the pillar spamming damage with your druid playing as mana effecient as he can in terms of both healing and essences, once dampening reaches a high enough point your pressure will start to stick on the priest and all it will take is either a blind or counterspell or even your mage or druid pushing in in high dampening to secure a win.

    Your mage should however be actively trying to stop chaos bolts as much as possible, all counterspells, polymorphs even have your druid bash and cyclone the warlock if it's not at the risk of tanking damage from the shadow priest.

    Playing like this will often force the enemy to have to push into you, if they do this it's perfect for you guys as you can then play the normal way of looking to land crowd control and stay out and deal damage but still have a pillar to line of sight whilst doing so and if targets do get dotted make sure your druid is dispelling.

    Tldr: Play to not get dotted by the shadow priest, have your mage and druid stop chaos bolts/greater pryoblasts/lasso's and lock down the off caster, aim to win at high dampening or on mana, look to reset consistently and capitalise on enemies mispositioning and running into you guys instead of actively going for crowd control.

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