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    SPriest pvp stats

    How much versatility should I be using as shadow in pvp? Does it depend on whether its arena or RBGs?
    All the guide don't rank vers as very important, but how could less damage taken not be important for a squishy class?

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    Hey there,

    Versatility is not bad for shadow by any means, It's more the fact both haste and critical strike are heavily required in order for you to deal damage and get pressure out, a lot of your damage comes from auspicious spirits and is what you focus on with azerite traits, spirits require shadow word pain critical strikes in order to proc, so no critical strike, no spirits, no damage.

    What you do gain tho is a lot of versatility from the essence conflict and strife which makes up for the lack of versatility on your gear, as you are able to keep the stacks up by purging with ease, and as you're running it as a major you gain the doubled effect when stunned. Meaning despite not aiming for versatility on your gear you actually have a decent amount passively, and the drawback of not having critical strike will have a harsher effect on your overall damage than a few % damage reduction you would get from swapping to versatility.

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