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    Yellow Punch Card

    I am wondering about the Punch Card in PVP- I know DH Haste Vers is the go to.. However I did roll a 440 Crit Haste yellow punch card and am tempted to go with the huge 25 ilvl upgrade ove rmy Vers haste yellow card. I wanted your thoughts.

    Also I have benthic, 415 boots with socket Haste vers, and wonder if that is better than my 445 crit/mastery boots right now.

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    I would only consider using that higher item level yellow punch card with worse stats if you really wanted to increase the item level of your trinket in order to heal more with the Subroutine: Defragmentation red punch card.

    As for the boots, I'd probably stick to the 415 haste versa with a socket.

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