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    Prioritizing Defensive Traits?

    Previously the recommendation was to have a good defensive trait on each piece of gear. whether 3 burning soul and or resounding protection and Impassive visage. Now with all last ring traits being essentially eradicated in PVP to a meager 20% effectiveness does it make sense to continue to perhaps use a 430 azerite piece over a 445 piece just because say one of the gear pieces has a better tier 3 trait? Provided that the 445 piece has good traits in the first 3 rings.

    Also is there a place for undulating tides in PVP?

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    You should just go for high item level with good offensive traits now. The DH guide will be out soon - you basically want one of each good trait and just high item level.

    The nerf to defensive traits basically means it's not worth sacrificing high item level or good offensive trait for them but it's still good to have one Burning Soul as you can still get a soul fragment when you use consume magic.

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