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    Thumbs up EU Alliance - Rogue 2k Arena and 2k6 RBG LF v2/v3

    Hello friends,

    I'm Naglfar, pvp player from Barcelona, Spain. Also content creator in youtube since many years ago. I achieved at RBG pvp the peak that i consider, and now i would like to step into arena too.

    I'm 33 years old, playing only pvp since 2009 so been playing the game for 10 years with a few breaks.

    I would really like to LF partners in v2 but mostly v3. Actually looks like talk to each other and improve is not necessary to play, which i disagree. I came back to the game 3 weeks ago from Pandaria expansion, I'm still getting used to the meta and classes (for me DH is new). Actually I am 431 ilvl because i do Stream and followers help me a bit to get the gear. I am 1400 CR in v2 but 2k experience, and my exp in v3 its 1850.

    I know everything about rogue; macros, addons...only a bit rusty. In the past i made pvp video guides for mage, dk, druid, rogue, ww...so i master the pvp and the game mechanics, even i theorycrafted resilience with graphics with the help of old school player Eldacar, in Spanish.

    I'm very commited with the pvp community, I made interviews to Sheepeye in the past and other content that you can see either recently in Youtube or later on Twitch.

    Actually I'm LF mostly Mages for v2 and v3 and discipline priest or resto druid or holy paladin.

    I really appreciate any message from you, or better wisper me in game and we will do some games for those interested, dueling...share tips...everything is welcome.

    Thank you all.

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    hi bro, i'm a mage and my best rating is 2.3 with friends that are more experienced then me i got 2k with my team but we don't really play anymore.. i also got 1989 in 2s as rogue/mage. feel free to add.


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    2k xp rdruid and rsham. I main Rdruid now. LF 3s push.
    Hulkmane#1287 add me plz. i sent both of you friend requests just now in game.

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