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    Warr help. been 2200+ every season since legion s2.

    Hello my fellow Warrs. I've been 2200+ every season since s2 of legion, was 2400+ s8-s9 Wrath into cata. Coming back into legion it seems like im struggle to push to glad range specially in BFA. I usually play all comps just to play and get time in on my warrior. Right now in s3 of BFA im struggling at 1900-2100 cr around a 1900-2200 mmr. Been playing TSG (haven't played a lot of other comps since TSG is just super strong right now). Since meta seems to be rotating around RMX right now and rsham got buffed I really think WLS is a good counter comp to RMX specially RMpalla. My next step to help me improve is gonna be recording my 3v3 que's and watch what we did wrong and how to improve. I do know as of now the problem is the misscoordination, not swapin to healers at the right times, also when to kick dmg spells/CC in the right situation. I saw the update on the 8.2 warr thread, and been trying the different essence spec's.

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    First of all if you're playing TSG on around 2100+ cr at the minute. Considering there's not much inflation at the minute. That is around 2300-2400 at the end of the season (thats what i speculate it to be atleast) This mmr you're facing a lot of gladiators and i'm guessing a lot of rank 1 players too? Dont instantly doubt your self because you're playing at lower numbers than before. There's a lot of factors to consider!

    Some tips for RMX. Know when their CC Chains or (Go's) are incoming and try to prevent them or even PRE-Stop them by this i mean locking a mage on polly when you know there's going to be an unavoidable sheep coming very soon, meaning your healer can top you easier and giving you a better chance at living their go. (A bit random of a tip but if done can win/lose you games)

    Before you go as far as recording your game play, just look back after every game and think " what went wrong with this game? What could i of done better? What did my team mates do wrong? Where and when was our win condition " ~ Every rank 1 player in the known universe still does this because it helps even them improve at the game. Its great for game knowledge too, i learnt a lot about the game via simply asking ~ "Why did this happen?" ~ As in why did i get [feared into stun here? Oh because i ran for my cc too early? Okay i will wait next time ]

    Hope i could help

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