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    2v2 as Holy Paladin and MW

    Hi all
    I play 4 different healers to variable levels of success.
    Resto Druid. MW Monk. Holy Paladin and Disc priest.
    My question is 2 part. Are these comps viable and what play styles should i play with them
    I have experience as Warlock/Resto druid and Resto druid/Warlock up until around 2k that's it. So go easy on me .

    Holy Paladin/Fire Mage
    We cant get past around 1700.
    The way we've been playing it is lining up a sheep on the healer and then a hammer into the DPS target popping wings and bursting with holy light/Crusader strike/Judgement from me and a greater pyro burst rotation from my mage. It's worked quite a bit but we've hit a wall. I think its because we are playing it wrong but is it the combo itself?

    MW Monk/WW Monk

    We've been playing walking dead in 3's so this has been my 2's on my Monk.
    We've hit a wall at around 1750.
    We've tried playing it in two ways, one as a dampening comp by just keep up consistent damage and interupting the healer as he trys to keep up. Not much in terms of hard CC but paralysis/ sweeps/Rings to stop casts while keeping up damage on one target.
    We've also tried playing crane and double leg sweeping the two targets during burst windows. The burst tactic worked the best. Are we playing this combo wrong? How should it be played? Is it even worth playing?

    I appreciate any answers you give I'm just trying to get an idea about how to play these comps and if its a skill issue or a tactics mindset issue.

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    for the first part of your question. (The Hpal/Fire mage) this can work to a certain extent; as you've said, sheep on the healer and HoJ on the dps (Or swapped around if you're killing the healer) - Small tip - Playing this comp, you can try to go healer a lot, it helps create overall pressure a lot faster.
    Playing offensive talents can help, but i'd think in theory, having PVE damage will not help you win the game (Except in certain situations where they live at 1-2% or something) But most of your kills come in these big set ups right? So you can replace talents such as Avenging light (I know you play it because you said you are bursting with holy light) Meaning you can play more defensive talents, bringing it a bit closer to the druid version for the reasons i say below!

    This comp in its self is better with a druid imo. Rdruid/Fire mage, it can live for a very long time which can be good since it gives you more time to get that 'perfect setup', and just casting greater pyros in dampening will be very hard to out heal. Also druid has a lot more stuns than a holy paladin with HoJ, Rake stuns (Feral affinity) And Mighty Bash. This requires your druid to constantly be going for re-stealths and you knowing when hes going to stun so you can already be casting a greater pyro.



    This comp requires you to do one of two things, be really offensive with your cranes and get a lot of value out of it, by this i mean using crane while you're on stun dr / sheep dr (whichever class you're facing) so you're less likely to get cc'd for a long time during it, or try to play really passive and play talents such as surging mist and go for a lot of drinks. I see monks such as drainerx play this into certain comps in 2's and play defensive. IT helps a LOT with longevity.
    From what im reading, you both have the correct game plan and mind set. I would like to know how much gear you have. Comps such as this are quite gear dependant. A lot of people at the minute have really crazy gear.
    Double monk can be quite a good comp, but also it depends on your queues.
    Your target choice is totally up to what kind of things you face. If you face a for EXAMPLE Rdruid/warrior, both are good targets, you can abuse your rings and mobility to avoid the warriors CD's easily, double disarm making it hard for the warrior to connect to anyone meaning you can try to hit the druid more with good incap > Stun goes. However if you face something like Rdruid/DK The dk isnt really slowable and has a ranged 70% slow for you, making it harder to kite him.
    With this information you would instantly think you should train dk? You'd be half right; when you ABSALUTELY cannot get to the druid, then you hit dk to try and make the druid come in. but this should be a general rule of thumb with all classes you that you have downtime on.

    I hope i made some-sense!

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