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    Cool Restoration druid!

    Greetings! I've enjoyed the content thus far, but I feel like this website is lacking a little on rated battleground content. Understandably so! You have nailed arenas, and I have learned so much thus far. I would super appreciate having a healer build for competitive battlegrounds. Druids have been so complex this season, I would love to have a better understanding!

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    Hey there!

    We have a ton of general RBG guides you can find listed here: http://www.skill-capped.com/forums/s....php?35105-RBG

    In regards to druid talents https://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/..._K/WPF/WQc/Rf6 is the go to, and it's actually relatively simple to play just make sure you have your mushroom down on large clumps of allys, use wild growth of cooldown with soul of the forest and try to keep rejuvs up on targets taking damage, using your swiftmend/overgrowth to spot heal. You can swap cyclone to revitalise if you think you won't get much use on that specific map, so maps like SSM etc you won't really have the time to go for cc. Also swap from spring blossoms to stone bark depending on if it's a teamfight map or more small scale

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