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    Smile Rsham/DH vs Rdruid/DH

    Having a VERY competitive discussion with my friends about which comp is better at high MMR (2200+) in 2's. Looking over the comp rankings here on Skill-Capped.. rdruid/dh is considered to be S tier. I, myself play Rsham, and feel that rsham/dh would win almost every time against rdruid/dh. Can someone please help make some sense of this. Who wins in high mmr.. rsham/dh or rdruid/dh.

    If possible, i'd love some tips or pointers on how to play against dh/rdruid as i queue into it pretty frequently on the ladder.

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    I understand your line of thinking (atleast i think i do) Rshaman into druids usually wins beacuse of purge paired with electrocute; however you have to think its infinately harder for the rsham/dh team to land mana burns and get consistent pressure on the rdruid team simply beacuse they have an rdruid making it a lot harder to land burns and get consistent damage on. Whereas the DH who's training the Rsham has an easier time.

    However you have a point. If you can get to dampening without dying (Around 40-60% dampening - Depends on how the game goes) You can just go all in with purges and try to end the game as fast as possible.

    Both comps are good into different things. For example Rdruid/Dh does REALLY well into melee teams because the Rdruid cant die to many melee's and he has thorns to help him deter the DPS who would want to train him. Whereas Rsham/DH i think is a more fast paced version of this comp, You have less healing, less survivability but more offensive plays due to having a second kick and purges which can help you all-in some healers.

    Tldr: Rdruid/DH is better in general because of how versatile Resto druid is, however rsham/dh does win some things dh/rdruid does not. If they were to face off against one another. I'd expect the Rdruid/DH team to win that nearly every time, with the special exception of oneshoting the resto druid with all in purges, but this can backfire too!

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