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    Rdruid DH vs casters

    My teammate and I are struggling against double caster teams, especially when they consist of a mage. Any ideas on how to deal with the high burst damage and helping my DH to stick on one? They play mid to keep us wide open.

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    Since you're saying double caster teams. I assume you mean double dps?
    If so you need to hit the least squishy target with considering of major cool downs like life swap / blinks / blocks etc etc.
    For example. If you're facing SP/Frost mage you should most definitely train the SP since he cannot kite you as well as a frost mage can and although he has defensive CD's such as swap / disperse / greater fade. It's still going to feel a lot better than training a mage who blinks has 2 Iceblocks and still has swap.

    You can consider playing the Slow spec (Master of the glaive) Just to keep up with them. Yes you might lose a stun, However staying on them and doing damage with a slow is much better than having an extra slow without a slow.

    Also i'd like to mention not wasting Defensive Cd's such as blur and darkness if you can help it. Overlapping these Cd's with your healers CD's can instantly lose you the game.

    If they play in the middle, you can do a lot to help this. You can use your defensive Cd's to be offensive; using blur at 80-100% hp just to stay offensive without worrying about dying, or rely on your meta - Leech healing to keep you up (And of course your healers healing and his defensive cd's)

    hope i could help!

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