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    How to show enemy CDs at sArena frame

    Hi there,
    Is someone able to explain how I can show enemy CDs at the sArena frames like the Boomy at 05:40 in this video:

    I know it is easy to show with Gladius.
    But i pref using sArena instead of Gladius.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It looks like omnibar, so just gotta make the frame and move the bar to where you want it by the sArena frames. Unless you mean the DR trackers? I don't use sArena so don't know if it has a built in DR tracker, but if not you can set it up with addons like TellMeWhen and move it to the side of your arena frames.

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    It's Jaxington's modified version of OmniBar which can set bars to arena 1/2/3. I believe you need to sub to his twitch channel to get it.

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