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    2v2 Disc Rouge

    Hello Guys,

    im playing Disc + Rouge in 2v2. After seeing your Tier List this Composition should be great against most comps. We are at 1600 cr and it feels hard to win. We struggle against Melee (mostly Warriors, DH, Ret) + Druid/Monk/Paly comps. I go most of the time on the healer and my healer trys to 1v1 the other Target. We win only around 50% of the games. Is that an mistake? The second problem I walk into: If for example Warriors target me we lose 100% of the games I feel the pressure is way to big from there side. If I go on the druid Druid I los my priest. If I stay warrior I will die too fast. Also against Frost Mages + Druid It feel impossible to win. Demon Lock + Druid seems also pretty hard.

    Do you have any hints what Target to Target in 2v2? How can I Improve? Against what Teams should we play shkism when should we play more deffensive?

    My gear: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/ch...ock/Ffrriiddaa 415 Item level

    Any hints will help.

    Best Regards
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    Firstly as a disc player my self. I dislike when my dps leaves me a lone with another melee training me. It feels so much more productive when my DPS trains the DPS who's trianing me. For example. A warrior is training me. I'd ask my rogue to keep slow on the warrior via Throwing a knife at them once in a while to apply poisons to slow (Making it easier for me to kite)
    Also Kidneying them at critical times to help me live.
    You dont neccesarily have to train the warrior, just keep a slow on him and if you feel like your priest is dying (-50%) then you can run and throw a kidney onto the warrior and do some damage onto him!

    Going healers isnt bad at all no, however its A LOT better if your disc can assist you with damage during your kidneys, and the best way he can do that is if hes not consistently being trained by a melee dps.

    I'll put it like this. Babysit your disc and allow him to do more damage and you'll see a lot more improvement.


    As for specific comps, I'd suggest playing Freedom sprint + Death from above, They will help you a LOT when facing this comp. You can play freedom sprint via conflict and strife too (Maneuverability) - Just kidney the mage when you can, Dont waste your shadow step without him using blink, Use death from above as a secondary gap closer, and use freedom sprint as a 3rd gap closer.
    Into this comp your priest just needs to pump a lot of damage all game. Here he should play schism (I noticed you asked when you should play this) You play schism against comps where you feel like you're able to do damage, and its mostly casters i feel like; with some melee's as the exception.

    Talents I'd suggest your priest to play: Purification (Double dispel) - Premonition (Death) - Dark archangel (OR Archangel) - (I dont personally suggest playing dome of light into mages, since taking damage at all into mage teams is worse than having a 2nd dispel to get them out of there entirely)

    When to play defensive?

    When you zone into the arena and you see a comp, you should know if you want to play defensively or offensively just by that, Like a Rshaman/DK (In my opinion one of the hardest things for a disc to deal with atm) Your priest should take more defensive talents, Such as Twist of fate, Masochism, dome of light, Archangel - Etc etc.
    However if you face something like Mage/Rdruid, your priest can and should play more offensive talents because the flow of the game should allow him too.


    If you have any other questions feel free to ask me! Hope i could help

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    I've some additional questions regarding this comp.. I recently rolled rogue and started playing again with my disc friend, we're slightly undergeared but seem to be stuck at ~1900. Our main struggles are vs holy paladins and certain resto druid teams.

    Holy paladin teams it just seems impossible for us to win, particularly Hpala/WWMonk. I don't know how we should be playing, I've tried going the DPS and I've tried going the Holy Pala and we just cant get a kill. Between the BoP for vendetta, the BoP for blind, Sac, bubble, the trinket and then whatever dps he's playing with's defensive it feels like there is no window to ever score a kill unless they make countless mistakes. Just need some advice on what our win condition vs these sort of teams are? It seems we can't force these cooldowns fast enough and we oom in the late game.

    Some resto druid teams seem hard singularly because of thorns. Either we get a dispel on it within the first 2 or 3 globals or I end up taking half my health to thorns damage. Or I have to do an awkward swap that a lot of the time just feels bad to do. Should I always be going their DPS then swapping onto the druid when he presses thorns? Or vice versa? It feels really difficult vs teams with a tanky DPS like a DK.

    I dunno, this post for help has sort of turned into a rant so I will say no more.. But any advice on game plans vs these comps would be much appreciated

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    Firstly for the holy paladin problem, i've found that (As the disc) Being hyper aggressive with damage and purging this means every freedom and divine favour, just so my rogue can connect and do his rotation without worrying about being kited is the best way to deal with holy paladin Cd's.
    I had this problem before too, thinking it was impossible but then i just changed my play style around and it became really easy.
    Tldr just ask your disc to be offensive with his cd's, that means if he's 60% just use rapture to rapture shield him self / you to keep you both healthy so he can spend a few globals doing damage. Things like that! Games versus holy paladins for me as assa/disc don't really go into dampening.

    A lot of the time against resto druids there's two ways of playing, you can try to train the DPS and try to oom the druid and try to help your priest as much as possible, or for you to one shot druid, something like blinding druid, using a kidney on his DPS so he thinks he needs to trinket it, then use next kidney on druid, (GET BARKSKIN DO NOTHING ELSE) Then the 3rd kidney, he has no trinket, no skin, and you still have vendetta and vanish to Kidney > vendetta > damage > Vanish > cheapshot > garrot silence > and hopefully finish him

    Now versus DK's this will probably be your plan, the one shot method i mentioned, since killing dk before your priest dies to the dk is near impossible without deep dampenig, sometimes of course this wont work. and if you're SURE he wont die at this point you need to pull back and hit dk and force druid to spend his mana.
    A lot of my games vs dk/druid my rogue has attempted to go druid for 5 mins or so and failed to kill him, then we turn around and kill dk 100-0 with a few purges and me (as the disc) spamming damage with him, and at this point dampening will of kicked in enough and having wound poison on him is usually enough to brute force him down.

    As for your thorns problem, Unless he's thorns'd during a kidney you shouldn't even consider hitting him (unless he's really low of course) Just turn your camera and do nothing. Hitting him like that is really inefficient and hurts your disc a LOT you taking this much damage for no reason D:

    Note: You mentioned you were struggling only with certain comps with druid? That means with some other comps you're winning it consistently? Think about what you're doing in those games for it to be so easy and what your disc is doing too!

    Hope i could help, sorry for slow reply!

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