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    Sub Rogue 8.2 att?

    Hey, I would like to know if Sub Rogue guide will be updated, since most classes already had their guides updated.
    Note: 8.1.5 patch guide is no longer accessible.
    Even if I can make a suggestion, i think this content could be more directed to the 2x2 bracket, whereas the Spec has more viability for this.
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    Hey, unfortunately we're not currently planning on releasing any sub rogue class guides. We've finished scripting all of the 3 steps to gladiator guides for the most popular specs in 3v3 (they're all in editing at the moment) and are currently working on classic content and unique game analysis for retail.

    Our retail content is pretty much just going to consistent of detailed walkthroughs of any really good clips we come across, for example a warrior one we're working on at the moment is how you can keep yourself mobile when playing against survival hunters that train your healer in 2s.

    So, we'll naturally be able to include sub rogue content in that, but as far as any super detailed sub rogue class guides go, that's not something you should expect to see any time soon as it's not really competitive in 3s when compared to assa.

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