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    New Warlock 3s Video

    Hey guys =)
    can u maybe make a video from destro lock which playing mld or shadowplay and how to setup kills with sp or mage as partner ? Also 3tripple cc chains with pala as heal hoj + fear or double coil... and whats better in which situation for example ... spaming cbs for max grimoire or stacking with hellfire and play around for 1-2 big bolts... idk long time ago a updated destro lock video came out :P or maybe a 2s guide for playstyle with diffrent essences

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    We've got the 3 step to glad guides coming out in a week or two which should answer a lot of those questions. We really should of had everything out already but ran in to some issues with editing which significantly pushed us back. Sorry about the delay but we'll definitely have everything out really soon!

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