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    Essence Reccs for 2v2 Rogue/Mage

    What would be preferred Neck Traits for a Assassination's Rogue in a 2v2 Fire Mage Comp.
    Also would you run elaborate planning and deadly poison in same comp if your not up against a healer/dps comp?

    - guides are more 3s specific and more healer dps specific. since rogue mage is 2s and non healing specific I wonder your thoughts.

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    You'll use the standard build of crucible major with your preferred combination of the minors listed here: http://www.skill-capped.com/content/...ogue-pvp-guide

    Elaborate Planning and Deadly Poison is a decent pick for fast paced games and can even be used against healers if you're planning to set up on them, but you won't go wrong with simply using Master Poisoner and Wound Poison.

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    Having Crucible of Flame is definitely a good pick sometimes, but of course there's situations where this global can feel wasted, for example if you use this global on it and it does 15k damage, and they live on 5%. and you know if you used your global on envenom they would of died. Or if you had another essence which simply increased your overall damage without having to do anything; he would of died.
    Im not saying Crucible is bad however there's a lot of situations where its just not good, and you'll figure those out when you play!

    Most Rogue/mage I've faced, not a lot of them played crucible of flame into me. Now it's dependant on the comp yes. However i believe playing conflict and strife is always a good pick, since as rogue you get freedom sprint, which is HUGELY helpful. Add to that the extra versatility you get during stuns and it feels like a perfect pick for rogue/mage game play, It will help you survive more when you're caught out in stuns and give you access to playing another pvp talent which will help you kite and survive until the next go.

    You could play elaborate into holy paladins for example (Not with deadly poison - Just for the damage increase since they have poison dispel)

    You could also play deadly poison into other double dps teams which you just want to run down. Keep in mind if they have ANY healing available to them, such as a hybrid class like a ret or shaman, its not worth to have deadly since wound would help so much more!

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