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    tracker netting karma

    How do it actually setup Net on ww's karma. When people say use tracker net on ww's karma to kill him in it. how does it work? I try to use the net on ww whiile karma is up but the net gets broken. do I cast the net on ww liike how we use it on TOD's last tick or just use it whenever left 6sec before expiry. when i hit ww in karma while trapped what would happen when it expires. Sorry a lot of question here. haha

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    Tracker's net gives them a 80% chance to miss, When people say trackers net karma. I think they want you to trackers net when hes low HP and you know he wants to karma. So he'll miss it because karma can be immuned. I've never heard of someone actively trying to Net karma, since it would be really hard to do if you're kiling him. your net would break almost instantly, it would have to be a complete accident for it to happen.

    Although something i know is easier to do is to turtle the karma. if the WW is targetting you and he's 10% hp and you know hes going to need to karma, you can press turtle and it will immune / miss and he will simply die!

    So yes what your thinking of is possible but very hard to do. Tldr: You need to net BEFORE he wants to use karma and it will miss!

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