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    Cool Returning player looking for addons


    As the title states I am returning to wow and alot fo the addons have changed. Does anyone have a list of addons they use and any tips on setting them up? Thanks in advance!

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    For my personal pref as healer:

    sArena (Enemy Frames in Arena)
    ArenaTeamTracker (To see important cds from my teammates)
    Big Debuffs (For showing big Debuff Frames to dispell faster or recognize if my partner is cc'd etc.)
    Omnibar (To check enemy CDs / Kicks / Stuns etc.)
    KuiNameplats (To show big dispell icons on the nameplates.)

    You can find many detailed forum posts to those addons here

    I dont need any UI-Frame Addons. I like to create/edit scripts to change the size of the blizz-standard ui frames.

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