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    3 steps video guide

    Hi guys,

    Just an advice, trying to be constructive... !

    For me, your "3 steps" video have a lot of bad sides:
    - the release is very very very long and it's really a big work for you
    - the first two steps and even the "best comps" part of the third steps don't need a video support, a classic guide is more efficient to speak gear, talents etc... You can scroll the part you want in the screen page, don't wait the 10 min vid just because you want the 3 pvp talent...
    - video are more energy consuming and less ecologic than classic content because it's bigger files to store on server and to download
    - I was diasppointed by the third step vid: I don't suscribe Skillcapped for basics... I'm here, I think like a lot of people here, because I struggle at a point (1k8 for me, I know some here struggle at 2k2 and more): people here are not beginners and we don't need basics, we need high ranked tricks and tips !

    Actually I continue to pay just because your forums are "healthy", Zenzy and friends are really nice and constructive and it's not the trolling garbage forums of battle.net

    My conclusion to finish:
    - spend more time on writed classic guide, but with more details and discussion about talents options, essences options etc... (sorry for this but actually I really prefer the wowhead's one...)
    - give more videos about "high ranked tips and tricks" and "suscriber breakdown" !

    Sorry about this, just try to "help"

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    Hey! First off I'd like to thank you for the feedback.

    I think the biggest issue we had coming into 8.2 was that not much had really changed between season 2 and 3 of BfA. We had been releasing guides for a few months already and had a ton of content that was still relevant. The meta and specific matchups had also not really been given a chance to develop so it was a struggle to decide what we wanted to produce.

    We ended up deciding to 'refresh' our class guides for 8.2 with the intention to go straight back into specific matchup guides and subscriber breakdowns as soon as we finished the 3 step to gladiator guides. While doing that, we also refreshed all of our articles (linked at the top of each class guide page) for people to quickly get up-to-date information on how to build their characters.

    Honestly, we should have already been finished releasing the entire 3 steps to gladiator series by now. Everything has been scripted for a while but we had a lot of issues with editing which really slowed down our release schedule. Also, the release of classic has caused us to shift some resources over to that in order to get classic content out too which it seems a lot of people want to see.

    All in all, I agree that the 3 steps to gladiator guides aren't filled to the brim with unprecedented information, but I believe that's mostly because there really isn't much depth to arena these days, beyond how to win specific matchups. That isn't to take away from the fact that we definitely could have done a better job in making these guides more advanced, but again I believe this has just been a result of a slow release schedule which has taken away from the more advanced content we should have already been releasing.

    Either way, we apologize for the lack of content lately, but we're working hard to get back to the more advance content everyone expects to see from us. We'll have the entire 3 steps to gladiator series out by the end of this month and have already started planning and scripting the guides we know you want to see, so expect things to go back to normal by the time BlizzCon rolls around.

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