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    Struggling to deal damage as Frost

    So I am not the best arena player by any means, but I am not the worst either. I have always wanted to play frost mage and finally have the chance. My gear is still around 425 ilvl and I have watched/researched so many things about frost and practiced in BGS, target dummies, and Arenas.

    All this being said I am having a really hard time doing any real dps in arenas. I can easily hit 25k on the target dummy and I know that's not a direct translation to arena. However, I am regularly getting out dps'd by my disc priests. I am mostly playing 2's and I find that I cannot really get anything out. I am either stunned, kicked, or when I do manage to play around the healer's dispel and gain distance from a snare, the dps have the gap closer up. I basically feel like I am spending so much time just trying to get away or get a cc, I am not able to get any dmg or slows up on the dps.

    I feel like I am clearly doing something wrong with my rotation and then I go fire and suddenly blast off in rating. The issue is, I really want to play Frost. I would appreciate any feedback on this issue. Thanks!

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    Hey, have you checked out this guide yet? http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/12...-s-deal-damage

    It's also not completely strange to be doing less damage than your disc priest when playing 2s, especially if you're being trained and the disc is able to always free cast.

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    I m not good player but when I fight Frost / Disci, the mage don't do damage.
    But you do one mistake you re sheeped 3 times and your mate instantly dye.

    Xaryu say the same, as Frost, you just escape and build icycles then you have cd up (orb, Frost nova, cometes etc...) , fear sheep healer then BOOM !

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