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    Ele/shadow/healer and shadow/dk/healer

    Hi there, i know this is not a meta or even close to it comp, but my friend only plays elemental and i really like to play with him. I would like some info on this comp? what could we do?
    We always try to lasso target while horror + silence healer.

    Im guessing resto druid would be best here? so he can follow with a clone on healer?

    Also, how should i play dk/shadow/heal? im playing like a disruptive comp, so im using a r shaman for shears and grounding.

    thank you

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    Both comps you mentioned actually do a pretty good job of killing healers, especially at lower ratings. Try to set up kills with lasso into silence on healers while fearing dps. I'd also say that both paladin and druid should work decently in that comp.

    As for DK SP, because you lack mortal strike it's very easy for healers to heal through your damage if left to free cast. The exception to that is resto druids which you should be able to out pressure quite easily with a ton of spread pressure (which likely means you won't have to train them down).

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