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    Rdruid DH vs Destro locks

    Hi guys my teammate and i just got to 2100 in 2s, Destro locks are the class that we cannot win a match, it always ends the same, me and the dh get wrecked in hp quickly and because of the dampening i cannot get any of us up.

    Can you guys give me or the DH any tip against this match up?

    i usually try to land as many cc as possible on the Lock while my teammate also does that and tries to burn mana from his healer.

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    There's a video in the works exactly about this matchup as its considered a sort of counter.

    Avoid as much damage from the warlock as possible whilst hitting anyone you can, generally Vs this comp you want and need dampening, over extending for mana burns will just get you killed, so wait for the druid to come in and mana burn him, you'll spend a lot of time at the pillar unfortunately, however once you get around 50-60% dampening and you have big meta up you will easily win the game on the warlock.
    Keep in mind you have a LOT of stops for the warlocks casts on his CDs. x2 stuns. incap. Kick.
    Something you can do to is if he's casting a chaos bolt on you, you can Fel rush directly through him to cancel the cast (At the end of the cast of course)

    As for the druid, same things apply really, don't over extend; don't make your self a viable kill target. try to avoid as much damage as possible. you can even play guardian affinity to get some free healing through frenzied regen and you're less likely to die. However your dh might find it hard to kill on him self without dampening, which is ok. It's totally up to you which you pick!

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    Thank you very much for your reply, we will try that.

    Im excited about that new video!

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