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    Arrow Request for Reupload "Making Efficient Keybinds with Modified Macros" from Mahiko


    I hope this problem is not on my site, I tried several different Browsers and I just can't get the video to play. I see the thumbnail and when I press the Play Button it is nothing but a White Screen.

    I didn't know where else to ask or post this, so I've thought this is the best section for it.

    Link to Video: http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/67...dified-macros/


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    A few years back we made so changes to the back end of our site and only transferred over videos after a specific date.

    I've spoken to our web developer so sort out gaining access to our old content so that we can re-upload a handful of guides from the past that people want to watch again.

    I'm not sure what the ETA on this is, but it's on the agenda and we'll get to it asap.

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