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    Any strat against RDruid on 2s?

    Hey im struggling with my friend (rdruid) against other rdruid/any melee. The druid kites me to hell. What should i do?

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    D: sorry i did not see this post, i hope you still need this information and are able to read it!

    Firstly something really important DK's bring is chains of ice. You should ABUSE this ability. Keep it on the melee at all time!

    As for the druid, Try to keep your disease on the druid most of the game as he's not able to dispel it. Trying to chase a druid can seem hard. However it's worth doing as one time he'll mess up and you can catch him in a full stun and smack him.

    Alternatively, something i see some DK's do is grip without using stun, so the druid is able to freely get away. Communicate with your druid partner friend you want to grip him soon so he should be ready to stun him, so you're able to do damage during it!

    I have a cheesy strat for you too! Something you can do because you have access to chains of ice, as i said before keep it on the melee at all time and try to play for a bit of dampening, where you can easily kill the melee dps and always keep chains of ice to him and do damage to him and if he decides he wants to do damage back you can just run away because as a dk you're pretty much immune to slows and you're playing with a druid so you can abuse this kiting too!.
    You don't always have to train and kill the druid, as you are very easily able to kill dps with the help of some dampening.

    Extra: When im playing my druid against really good dk's i find it sometimes really hard to kite because they dedicate every global to chains of ice, i know it will end eventually when they run out of runes but doing this makes me use a global to shapeshift, and these globals are really bad for me because for one im not healing and secondly the dk's getting closer and closer to me.
    My point with this is if you REALLY want to kill a druid, spam chains of ice every global while you run at him, it will give a bigger chance at killing him!

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    Fantastic tip Zenzy! I just totally started laughing when I read that... as an rdruid player, i HATE it when DKs do this to me

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