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    Question Keybinds for damage abilities for melee

    Hi folks

    Just curious what people are using or can reccomend for keybindings you damage abilities (dmg rotation abilities, not big CD's)

    I have been using 12345 for a long time, but don't really like them that much as I am one of the players who almost all the time have W pressed down, so they feel awkward and can ruin my position against my target while having W pressed down. I did though find them to work fine while playing a caster class, but not as melee.

    I've also been experimenting with the two mouse buttons I have for damaging abilities. Which seems to be alright, but would prefer to use mouse buttons for shadowstep (I am playing subtlety rogue) a like the fact that it feels so easy to simultanious press for example kidney shot/kick and shadowstep when I have to react quickly.

    The buttons I feel most comfortable with are QER, but I feel like it would be a waste to allocate my damaging abilities to those buttons as I prefer to have abilities I need to be able to cast quickly eg. kick on these keybinds.

    Hope you might have some advise, or ideas of other binds I might be able to test out.

    kind regards

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    Hey! Have you seen this guide? http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/11...or-all-classes

    I personally like to use `12345 for most of my damaging abilities because I utilise a combination of auto running/holding down both mouse buttons to move when needed.

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