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    chain heal vs healing wave

    just started shaman and was wandering why is chain heal a thing in every guide? On tooltip chain heal does less healing then healing wave, so whats the point of using this ?

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    You're correct in thinking that you've been seeing this in every guide, every resto shaman i face uses this talent, and its really annoying, just because it gives them A LOT of spell protection for their ghost wolf, other reasons are because in 2s/3s shamans struggle to heal multiple targets, this chain heal talent helps A LOT with this issue. It may do a little less instant healing than healing wave/surge, however you're healing multiple targets at the same time, so for example your partner is 70% and your 90%, you press chain heal once, your partner goes to 85% or so, and your also pretty much 100% hp. Getting great value out of it.
    Alternatively you'd be pressing healing wave and healing your partner for a little bit more but not healing your self at all, opening you up for swaps etc. (In a 2v2 scenario)

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    Just to clarify, he's referring to the PvP talent Tidebringer.

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