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    Greater pyro vs Firestarter

    I play ele/mage/x and want to know when should I play Gpy vs the firestarter build. I feel like I do more damage as firestarter. Also, which comps would I choose 1 build vs the other?
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    Greater pyro is only really used vs teams you know you'll be able to eventually get some off, like for example a ret/priest/hunter or something like this, where its double melee without a ranged kick.

    However this is a special occassion because then you have to ask your self, can i really cast greater's vs dk/dh for example? that's a no! they will have too many stops for you.
    Most of the time just look at the DPS you're facing and think about what type of mobility they have, and if they're able to physically run up to you and stop your greater pyro casts!

    firestarter into nearly everything as ele/mage is a good idea though. as you said you get a lot more damage from it, without having to worry about casting greater pyro's to be able to do damage outside of combust.

    Hope i could help!

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