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    Balance between dmg and surviving (ww)

    I just cant fint that sweet spot between kiting and doing dmg.
    I know the CDs, when the enemy pop, but i seem to die too much as ww.
    Either i spend the arena running and not doing pressure, or i just flops anytime., granted i dont have that much versa (12%), should i aim for 20% base?
    Is ww the squishiest melee atm?

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    Firstly, Having around 20% versa would be INSANE. It would make you insanely tanky, and you'll notice the difference once you get there.
    Some tips for being more tanky as a monk:
    Utilise your Port. Whenever you think the enemy has big damage for you, you can port behind a pillar and completely avoid it.
    Using Reverse Harm off cool-down, It heals for 8% of your HP with a really low CD. Using this off cd is huge damage and a lot of healing!
    Make use out of your insane mobility. Having two rolls and Flying Serpent Kick with Tiger's Lust can make it hard for many melee to touch you ever.
    This mobility wont help versus casters though, as you cannot kite them. However you can use it to easily get to a pillar when you're low etc.

    Granted, if it feels like you're not doing much pressure. Then maybe there's something wrong with your damage rotation? - I only say this because i had the EXACT same problem on my Windwalker. When i first started to play it, it felt like i did no damage whenever i could connect. but when i worked on my rotation, Whenever i had uptime on someone; i had insane pressure with images.

    Also how are your traits looking? Do you have triple fists trait? Without this it will be very hard to do any sort of relevant damage when you want to burst someone!

    Hope i could help

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