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    Help. 1900 cr destro Bottlenecked


    I'm playing at around 1850 to 1950cr as destro/rdruid in 2s right now. No voice communication & generally with pugs.

    My lock isn't the best of gear, he's sitting at 429 with a mix mash of pve & pvp gear.

    I don't know if I'm wrong but all the druids I play with seem to be overly aggressive with their plays. They seem to love the gimmicky feral healer hybrid and hope for a 1 bang in the opener. I keep asking them to play less aggressive but it usually ends in them leaving saying that I have it all wrong. The druids generally seem to have no concept that destro can't cast on the go! I was under the impression that the win condition was dampening?

    I also dunno if I'm playing lock right. The massive bolt spec seems overly gimmicky and predictable and I seem to struggle to get many 'big bolts' out. I'm unsure if I'm meant to spam rain of fire till I have stacks then spam bolts or a mix or what? Do I combine darksoul with this toward the end or save it for another go? I am really struggling to keep pressure up outside of these bolt windows........

    Anyone point me in the right direction of a good 2s lock to watch & / or some valid guides?

    I think I have a fairly strong grasp of my talents and pvp talents but I'm unsure when to swap neck main and minors out? Generally run with conflict for the extra pvp talent and I tend to swap roots out with reflect when required......

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,

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    As Rdrood I try to push in feral really often just because it s so fun !
    BUT ! You are fight, with destrolock, the drood have to calm down, build how combo point, and Wait you for go (maybe stealth and stun kill target to avoid him to escape).
    It s little more long and borying for the healer, find the good one

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    I can thoroughly recommend watching this guy play warlock:


    Take pity on us druids though - we spent all last season learning to play aggressive and then this season you have to max range afk healbot and it's so boring

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    Again Rfwarrior with the heroic save and the correct information - You should definitely check this guy out he's always encouraging the druids he plays with to push in and do damage, and he tries to tell them when to come back and play defensive. Taking notes on this guys games would be good as he's always high in 2v2 and ok-ish in 3v3 too!

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