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    Question 3v3 comp with feral or rogue?

    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if it would be possible to play havoc/feral or havoc/rogue in a 3v3 comp and still do good?
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    I could see havoc/rogue/healer working up to around 2k / 2100, but i don't think much higher as you'll start to face people who know how to deal with your damage quite easily.
    I've personally played this with some friends to mess around, and we were 2100-2150 for the longest time, so that's why i say this!

    Havoc/feral i don't see working because there's no healing reduction on that team and outside of big cool-downs i don't see any way of you getting pressure

    If you're playing with friends these comps could get you to 2k/2.1 as i said, but if you're looking to push rating i wouldn't suggest it at all

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