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    Speculation: How bad will DISC be for 8.3

    With all the nerfs to DISC, will it be playable for 8.3. To the gladiators here, how bad do you think it is going to be?

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    Personally i don't think its a nerf. I think of it as a pre-gear nerf. What i mean by this is with the new gear and how disc is atm if it wasn't nerfed it would be REALLY broken and it'd d more damage than most main-spec dps would.

    So nerfing disc atm in preparation for the new patch it's being nerfed to stop disc being too overpowered.

    I saw in a recent post that penance was receiving a 15% healing buff too which helps a lot

    Overall i think disc will be perfectly fine once we get the new gear and such!

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