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    Just starting playing again and was wondering if this info was still accurate.

    hey guys, so as the title says I just started playing again and was wondering if my old macros and habits were still valid or just a waste of space, I played phd in mop and got to around 2150 before I stopped pvping on my dk, I played a little in legion but mostly pve, anyways I don't remember who taught me this, if I learned it from skill cap vids, youtube or streams, so I'm paraphrase here but I remember being told to take my pets claw ability off autocast and macro it to my main damage abilities such as necrotic strike for maximum burst, also do you guys like to macro pet attack to any specific ability or just keep it on it's own keybinding?

    also I remember being told to track my unholy str and proc pvp trinket procs and to only use cds(on use trink, unholy frenze, pet transform etc) when my unholy str and proc trinkets are procced for max damage, is this still the case? or should I not bother tracking my unholy str procs anymore?


    Is it worth taking pet claw off auto attack and macroing the ability to your main attacks(Nercotic strike, death coil etc)?

    do you have a separate keybind for pet attack or do you macro it to a specific ability?(mine used to be death coil)

    do you track unholy strength procs and use cooldowns around it for maximum burst?(or should I say saving cds for when unholy strength has procced)?

    thanks for any replies, hope you all are having a happy holiday! cheers!

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    Having pet attack bound to something like scourge strike or necro strike is very common these days. However personally on my DK i have it keybound separately however that's just personal choice. There's no best way to do it.

    Tracking trinket procs and stuff doesn't really matter as much as it did back in the days. As in cata / mop a trinket proc and weapon proc meant 30-40% damage increase. As now it's maybe 5-10% damage increase and maybe only worth tracking if you're trying to min-max your damage in PVE or so. However if you want to make a weakaura or tellmewhen about it there's nothing stopping you doing so just so you know when it's up. Again it's mostly personal preference these days :x

    tldr answer (Hehe im coping your question style)

    Personal preference, but if i was to bind it to anything it'd be scourge strike, never death coil as you almost never press death coil in BFA as DK

    you CAN track procs with WeakAura or TellMeWhen addons, however saving your CD's for these procs is a really bad idea and an overall damage loss

    Hope i could help have a happy christmas

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