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    Magus of the dead

    On your 3 steps to gladiator you recommended 3 festermight and 3 magus of the dead, however when I was playing I realized that it does not spawn 3 Magus of the dead.. I was wondering if the cast dmg stacks or.. am I needing to pick a new azerite trait, if so could you please let me know which azerite traits I should be picking.. Thank you.

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    With traits like this, having additional traits increases the damage of the specific thing. So in your scenario, yes more traits increase the damage of the magus of the dead.

    However right now as long as you have at least x3 festermight you're completely fine to do arena. As it's kinda too late to try and receive the best in slot azerites as in 2-3 weeks we'll have new azerite to pursue

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