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    Demo or Affliction Videos

    There has not been a video released for Affliction or Demo for over a year now, since 8.0 intro videos. It would be really nice to see videos that are not so one sided to high tier meta. The only two specs that even make me think of a Warlock are not showcased at all. Can we please get updated videos helping those that don't cater to only playing top tier meta?

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    Unfortunately we don't currently have plans to produce content for the lower represented specs. Since our goal is to help people climb as high as they can and the under performing specs really aren't seen at the top of the ladder at all, it doesn't make sense to put resources into creating content for them.

    However, much like we've done with frost dks, if either of the other two warlock specs get buffed and start to see more representation at high rating, we'll immediately produce content for them.

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